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Single-Family Home

Property Management

Flat Fee Landlord ( A residential property management firm with offices in (7 markets) Northern VA, Washington DC, Bethesda MD, Houston TX, Dallas TX (DFW), Austin TX, and San Antonio TX. Flat Fee Landlord is one of the largest residential property management firms in the DC metro area and currently manages over $400M in residential real estate. Flat Fee Landlord has been recognized as the #2 Property Management Company in the country by Landlord Station.  Flat Fee Landlord has served 2,000+ real estate investors, 4,000+ tenants, and is considered one of the fastest growing residential property management firms in the country. 

HAZEL Equity ( is a multifamily investment firm located in Houston, TX.  We acquire cash-flowing, yet underperforming apartment communities in well-located areas where we can increase profits through better management, better operations, and physical value-add improvements. 

Hashem Holdings was created to help everyday individuals and investors invest passively in the properties we acquire.


Real Estate Investments

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Real Estate Sales

HASHEM REALTY ( A licensed residential real estate brokerage firm with offices in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Houston TX, Austin TX, and Dallas Fort Worth TX.  HASHEM REALTY provides leasing and sales services for renters, buyers, and sellers of real estate.  

HASHEM REALTY is different from most traditional real estate brokerages because it employs its agents full-time as w2 employees; rather than 1099 independent contractors.  This type of employment provides for better training, accountability, and results for both our agents and our clients.

HAZEL Management ( A privately held full-service multifamily management company based in Houston, Texas.  We specialize in providing exceptional management services on all properties in the value chain, ranging from deep value-add rehabs to stabilized properties.  Our goal is for each of our managed properties to reach their full operating potential while maximizing resident retention, NOI, revenue, and operational output.  We put a strong emphasis on effective expense management and developing/training the best staff and team members in the industry.  We feel by following these steps we can maximize returns and expectations for the clients we serve. 


Multifamily Property Management

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